Welcome to the Montana Department of Transportation Structure Management System

        ePass Montana

Using this Structure Management System, users can:

  • search bridge information
  • view inspection reports
  • look up bridge heights
  • view locations of bridges with load restrictions

Your initial access to the Structures Management System is a two-step process.

  1. To begin, you must have an ePass Montana account to use the Structure Management System.
  2. Once your ePass account is established, use it to log on through this site. At this point you can connect to SMS with read-only access, or request advanced permissions.

If you don't have an ePass account, click “Login to SMS Using ePass” and click Login. Next, click "Create an ePass account", and enter all the required fields.

If you have an ePass account, click on "Login To SMS Using ePass". If you are an Agency click "ePass Montana Login" or if you are a State of Montana employee, click "State Employee Login" and enter your username and password.

For assistance with access and using the application please see the MDT Structure Management Tutorial.