Montana Wetland Assessment Method

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This online tool assists you in creating a wetland assessment according to the 2008 Montana Wetland Assessment Method. To use this tool you should already be familiar with the paper version of the 2008 Montana Wetland Assessment Method (PDF). This tool does not provide the knowledge necessary to conduct a wetland assessment — it is merely a convenience for filling out the form.

This tool steps you through entering assessment data and generating a completed assessment form. The end result is a Word document that you save to your computer. Your completed assessment is not submitted to MDT or available to MDT staff. You maintain control over your assessment and can save, distribute, submit or destroy it as you see fit.

Start Start a new wetland assessment

Work on a previous assessment

If you or a colleague already started an online wetland assessment you can retrieve it and continue working on it. To do so, you will need the web address (URL) used to link to the assessment. The URL may have been sent to you in an email or you may have stored a bookmark to it in your web browser. Click on the link in the email or paste the URL into your browser's location bar to continue working on the assessment.

The URL will look something like this:


If you are having technical problems or if you have questions about the Montana Wetland Assessment Method please contact Larry Urban: , 406-444-6224.

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